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I’ve discovered that it’s ridiculously easy to slip back to the good ol’ compulsive overeating habits.

I’ve lost almost a stone, gained a few pounds and lost them again, but I’m still finding my feet. I think my eating is probably the healthiest it’s been since … I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as healthily without being obsessed with weight loss and cutting out certain foods altogether.

But with all the salads I’ve prepared and carbs I’ve cut down on, there’s usually the urge to gorge on chocolate peeking around the corner.

Sometimes I overeat. Scratch that, most days I overeat, but the times when I’ve compulsively jammed food into my mouth as if it’s going out of fashion have been few and far between.

I’m amazed by how easily it is to have a good day with eating and exercise and then wake up the next morning and pick out sugar-coated cereal or the chocolate in the fridge without even comprehending what I’m doing. It’s as if I’m in a food trance in these moments, I don’t think about my actions because I don’t want to, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered this skill over the years. If there was a University degree in bingeing and ignoring what you’ve eaten, I’d be the head lecturer.

Actually snapping myself out of the trance and forcing myself to rationalise about food is still very difficult. It helps now that I’ve lost some weight, because for a long time I genuinely thought I couldn’t do it. I’m not talking losing a stone or two, realistically I’m talking eight stone. At least. It depends what my body looks and feels like. So for a while I thought I just could not lose that amount of weight, I just wasn’t strong enough.

Now I realise I can eat a healthy, balanced diet and lose weight. Whenever I go for the sugar-coated cereal I reason with myself that I can have the cereal, but I have to accept the consequences that come with it.

Such as:

  1. The guilt.
  2. Sugar cravings
  3. Possible weight gain. Not just from cereals obviously, but if the guilt and the sugar cravings then lead to overeating or bingeing.

I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out which group I’m in as well. Am I now in the category of weight loss, or can I still fit in with the Eating Disordered? I’ve felt like my blog can’t be both because some posts I’ve written I now disagree with (I’ll get to that another time though). For now I’m just going to blog less frequently than before and see where it leads me. I look forward to catching up with what other bloggers are up to as well.

How are you guys doing?!


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Just her name is gorgeous. I didn’t realise she was deemed the most beautiful woman in the world by US weekly until Fiona’s post and my God she is beautiful.

I’d like to say that she inspires me because of her ambition, voice and career, which she does, but my main focus is her thighs.

I genuinely love Beyoncé’s thighs, and her thighs aren’t skinny! This is a major step forward for me. There was a time when I’d have looked at Beyonce’s thighs and winced at my own bitchy thoughts of “her thighs are far too big.” I’d watch Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s Videophone video on YouTube and pause it to compare their sizes. It’s really sad, but I’m honest on this blog.

And then I got thinking about Beyoncé and her gorgeous hourglass figure, her shapely thighs and her smile. She has to be physically fit to tour like she does, perform energetic shows each night, have a child, keep her voice achieving it’s potential and keep beautiful for the superficial business that she’s in.

Her thighs do not hold her back, in fact you could argue her figure helped her with her career – her figure has been drooled over by men since she gained fame with Destiny’s Child.

Moving away from aesthetics, this woman knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to work for it. Look at her dance. I am so jealous right now, and after watching this video I decided I have to see her perform. She is mesmerising. She’s damn confident with her figure, a figure that isn’t skinny but fit, like a dancer. I’m sure she works hard for it, but I don’t think she could afford to under-eat for it. I mean, she needs energy and lots of it to do what she does.

This is proof that my body image has changed since putting effort into changing it. I can see the beauty in more shapes and sizes whereas before I thought Beyoncé would look better with slimmer thighs. No she wouldn’t. She’s beautiful just as she is, and the best thing is she seems humble about it.

Another important thing to highlight is that I’m aware (thankfully) that the size of her thighs doesn’t affect her voice or her performances. So why should her curvy figure matter at all, if only to help her achieve her ambitions?

Although I think she looks a little odd when she’s crying up close to the camera (who wouldn’t), I still think I’ve got a girl crush on Beyoncé. Which women or men do you admire? For physique or personality?



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Maybe this is because I’ve been educating myself with plus size fashion, blogs and models… but this model looks good to me, does she look good to you?

To me, Tara Lynn appears to be a healthy, gorgeous young girl (you might remember her from Spot The Body Shape: Pear). I seriously can’t believe I’m looking at this girl and thinking if I had her body I’d be happy with it. This body is attainable. I will never be skinny, as I’ve said before, it’s not my shape, my pear thighs won’t allow it. So on accepting the impossibility of skinny, I’m thinking healthy curvy is a beautiful alternative.

Would you be happy with her body? And before you make your mind up… look at her in this picture.

I’m going to ask you to keep your comments as clean as possible. It’ll be difficult, but I must protect my readers eyes.  And my own. A simple ‘I would totally do her’ will suffice, thanks.



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